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Adventure Motorsports That Will Help You Fall in Love with Vehicles and Engines

by Elaina
Sydney ATV and dirt bikes

The Sydney adventure tourism industry is poised to grow at a tremendous rate. Thanks to more people becoming aware of the different options this industry offers to challenge the minds and bodies of the enthusiasts and the ever-increasing safety standards, the Australian adventure tourism industry, which was valued at $22,370 million in 2019, is all set to reach an estimated market value of $33,519 by 2027 with a CAGR of 21.0% from the year 2021 to 2027. A booming part of this industry is the motor vehicle adventure sports segment which has caught the attention of many enthusiasts thanks to all the newer innovations making their way into the space almost every other day.

As the great B.B. King once said, “the thrill is gone. Most people have grown past the stage where riding or driving a motorcycle or a car feels exciting. From running errands to commuting to their work destinations, vehicles have become associated with things that people do almost every other day. They aren’t as fun as they were when people initially started using them.

To fix this issue, various adventure sports that use engines have made their way into this market to help revitalise the spirit of driving or riding a motor vehicle. Some adrenaline-pumping adventure sports use motor vehicles like the Sydney ATV and dirt bikes.

Rally Racing

While most people think races should be conducted on long stretches of roads that a plane could land comfortably on, here’s a twist that takes this experience to another level. Rally racing is a motorsport that lets you drive your way through roads filled with slushes and fields while being surrounded by the woods. The best part about such races is that buying cars used in such rallies does not burn a hole in your pocket like in other racing sports. Automakers use rally races to exhibit their agile, grippy and compact cars. If you are someone who enjoys driving in nature while nurturing your longing for speed, this sport was made for you.

In this sport, cars race through real and unpaved roads, usually closed off to the general public. This is one of the toughest motorsports ever because some races could last for days regardless of the weather. The fans are very close to the action, and the race can be run on several different surfaces.


Most mainstream motorcycle riders go home once the pavement ends. This isn’t the case with motocross riders who love to ride in the dirt and rain. In this sport, riders scramble on off-road motorcycles like the Sydney ATV and dirt bikes while riding around sharp curves, steep hills and a great amount of danger and often spend great amounts of time in the air. This sport creates an exhilarating off-road experience in an arena built in hilly regions. Many riders jockey all around the arena to finish off on the podium while displaying great talent and valour.

Drag Racing

In drag racing, two vehicles which could be cars, monster trucks, superbikes, or Sydney ATVs and dirt bikes, line up to challenge each other to race over a specific distance in a straight line. While one could start such a race over a red light at a traffic signal, that may not end well for them, and hence there are professional setups with all arrangements and even medical assistance on standby. This is one of those sports that will get your heart pumping to levels you’ve never witnessed before.

In Conclusion

While these sports are some of the best adventure motorsports there are in the world; they are just a handful of examples you could look into if you’re feeling adventurous and need that adrenaline rush to spice up your life and make help you find the love you once had for vehicles that you may have lost along the way.

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