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Can you wear a check shirt in a formal setting

by Elaina
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Men are becoming fashion-conscious like never before. Modern men are increasingly sensitive to what they wear; they have become experimental with even formal clothing. Gone are the days when men’s formal shirts were available in just a few lighter shades and patterns.

Today, there are hundreds of shades, designs, and patterns for men to choose from. There is no hard and fast rule that only plain shades fall into the category of formal shirts; of course, you can wear a check shirt. Men often find it difficult to decide whether to go for a plain shirt, stripes, or a check shirt for men for a formal occasion.

A shirt may be designed for casual wear, but you cannot restrict it to casual occasions only. You can wear it for any official occasion too. This is because what matters the most is ‘how you carry it.’ The shirt you choose should make you appear to lean with a dash of smartness in your persona.

However, while making the selection, you must remember that the choice of a formal shirt largely depends on the event, meeting, time of the day, and place you plan to visit.

Men’s checked shirts are available in various colors and designs; from small to long checked shirts, you will find an overwhelming variety in the market. You can choose any as per your specific taste and preferences, but you must keep the following four things in mind when selecting.

It should perfectly fit you

‘Fit’ is a crucial factor one must consider no matter what clothing you purchase. However, when buying formal shirts, fit becomes all the more critical. Avoid wearing shirts that are too short or long when it comes to formal attire. If you prefer wearing tailor-made shirts, that’s fine!

But these days, most men prefer buying shirts from retail stores. If you are also among the same people, ensure your chosen shirt fits you perfectly.

Ready-made shirts are available in three choices: slim fit, regular fit, and pouch fit; you must choose according to your body shape. Another essential thing to note here is that the size and fit of the shirts can also vary from brand to brand, and you should make your choice accordingly.

Say no to floral prints

There is nothing wrong with the floral prints, but they don’t fall under formal clothing for men. Instead, you can opt for a small check shirt, a shirt with stripes, or even a long checked shirt, all available in an incredible variety of shades. You can match the pattern of your shirt with the pants or blazer you would put along.

Avoid wearing pants and a shirt of the same color

This is one of the most common mistakes many men make. If you are seeking formal attire, avoid wearing a formal shirt and pants of the same color. Unless the color matching is perfect, the combination may look odd. It is a good idea to contrast with the shirt and pants. This is an age-old formula that holds well even today.

Day versus evening wears

Understanding the difference between day and night wear is crucial to look smart in all your attires. While light shades of formal shirts look good during day time, darker shades are made for evenings.

Moreover, your choice of a formal shirt should depend on the time of day and the occasion. Suppose you are heading for an interview; wearing a plain, light-colored shirt or a small check shirt for men is advisable. Avoid wearing dark colors and long check shirts for interviews.

Keeping these tips in mind, you will surely choose the most suitable formal shirt for the occasion. So next time you start your hunt for a perfect formal shirt, consider the tips mentioned above.

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