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Find the Best Quality Kadais in BBQs 2u at Affordable Prices

by Elaina

Kadai has become an essential part of every kitchen today. The beautiful blend of fire bowl and barbecue has made it the revolutionised version of the normal kadai used in ancient times.

The excellent usage of these appliances has made them very popular in the world of professional and average chefs. BBQs 2u takes pride in being the ultimate destination to purchase these products.

BBQs 2u was once a destination dealing with the products of some particular brand names. As new products entered the market, brand names were added to their list, and now Kadai Firepit is also among many such names. You can find the beautiful kadais at affordable prices here.


You can find many traditional cooking utensils when you look at the list of vessels used in the kitchen in ancient times. Kadai is one such name that was also used in the olden days and in recent years.

The manufacturers of these kadai units have come up with the best ways of upgrading them, and now you can use them not only for cooking and grilling.

These kadais are available in many designs and sizes. You can find them made from hammer-forged steel and plate steel pieces.

These units are mounted onto a tripod stand to hold the dome-like base. A layer of coal is placed inside the bowl, and a grill is kept above it for cooking anything and everything in it.


The historical significance of kadais is seen in the pages of ancient Indian kitchens. This beautiful piece of art was used to cook dishes for large gatherings and roast meat, vegetables, and fruits to the required levels.

Even though years rolled on, the usage of kadais was not altered, and hence, they are in great demand even today.

Features of Kadai 

A kadai is designed with many features, which are listed below.

  • The kadais allow you to leave them outdoors even for a year without damage due to changing climatic conditions.
  • They are sold with both the covers and accessories.
  • The handles are robust and are hand-forged
  • These kadais are portable and very useful.

These kadais are available in sizes ranging from 60 to 80 cm in diameter. The available accessories with kadais are wire brushes, tongs, low gothic stands, kadai beads, and wire brushes.

The wonderful kadais are made from recycled old drums. They are blended to perfection with the help of the excellent craftsmanship of the experts.

All these kadai units are not only eco-friendly but are also made to blend into any environment. You can install them in any place in your landscape as they perfectly mix with any outdoor landscaping theme.

Kadai is known by many names worldwide, and karai, kerahi, and korai are a few names to mention. You can find all the information about these kadais by visiting BBQs 2u.

They are very active on social media sites, and you can follow them on Facebook or other such websites to get complete information about what’s new in the world of kadais.

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