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High-Tech Power Banks to Grab in UAE

by Elaina

Smartphones can offer the same power and functionality as a desktop computer. Their advancement has condensed everything down to the convenience of a single touch. An additional advantage of movement should never be neglected while picking your digital gadget. The only limitation is the battery which can run out after an expected period of time. Due to the dominating nature of smartphones we have become dependent on them  data analytics strategy .

To prevent the battery from dying out in any important occasion power banks were developed. The invention of lithium-ion batteries and various other technologies actualized the dream of long-lasting batteries. But you may encounter loads of new terms and unnecessary jargons which could confuse you entirely. In this blog, we have discussed some of the best power banks that are available in the market in a hassle-free manner:

1- Anker PowerCore+

Anker PowerCore+ fascinates you upfront by providing a huge 26,800mAh worth of battery power. This amount of battery capacity is enough to last the whole week. A 45W USB PD port is present to charge your phone by lightning fast speed. Its own 35W wall charger ensures that the power bank charges in just three and a half hours. Furthermore, it is a trustable product as the manufacturers provide an 18-month warranty. The customer service is rated by users to be excellent. This power bank is in-stock at affordable rates at Noon promo code

2- TOPK Power Bank

Boasting a capacity of 20,000mAh, the TOPK Power Bank is also a reasonable device to buy. The glossy finish of it is a plus point to your style. Constructed with a lightweight aluminum alloy material, it has remarkable heat dissipation. Three USB-C cables and USB ports allow multiple devices to be charged simultaneously. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of is its digital display which shows the remaining battery percentage. The lithium polymer battery is safe for consumer use and has passed CE, FC, RoHS and many other certifications. At a price of AED 109, it is a good option to get your hands on  tech consultant.

3- Samsung Power Bank

Samsung Power Bank has a battery juice of about 20,000mAh. It stays cooler while charging than any other power bank out there. Compatible with all types of devices ranging from Samsung smartphones to iPhones and numerous others. The most eye-catching feature present is the 25W fast charging for Samsung smartphones with the help of Quick Charge protocol. Built-in protection against over voltages is included in the Samsung battery pack through a technology called OVP.

4-Charmast Mini Power Bank

If you have want to have a cheap and less demanding power-bank, then Char mast Mini Power Bank will work well for you. Weighing at only a fraction of the others, at 93 grams makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. A revolutionary wireless charging technology is also available coupled with, the 5000mAh battery capacity. A moderate 20W power supply is like working wonders at this form factor. The two-year warranty is another benefit of purchasing this power-bank.

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