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How to Choose Background Music for Travel Videos

by Elaina
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Everyone will agree that social media is dominating today’s world. Videos, especially, have changed how people communicate and use information. The most effective content marketers distribute content regularly across multiple social media channels.

Video content is becoming increasingly important in modern society. For instance, about 45% of people watch more than an hour of video material per week on Facebook or YouTube, and about 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the app. Additionally, it is essential to marketing plans for the younger demographic.

While making videos can be more complex than writing a blog post, doing so on social media can help you draw in and satisfy a captive audience eager for new content. And adding engaging background music for videos will increase the number of people that visit your social media accounts.

Travel videos are among the most popular on social media because they provide an in-depth look at various locations, cultures, foods, and other topics. The music you add to the travel films is essential to immerse your audience in the travel experience you offer. And the music keeps viewers watching and interested in your videos.

However, because there are so many copyright infringement instances involving illicit derivative works and copies of musical compositions that are protected by copyright every day, it is crucial to check for copyright issues before selecting music for your travel videos.

Furthermore, you must obtain the correct authorization before using copyright-protected music in your videos. If not, your video will be taken down from social media platforms, or copyright claims will be made against you.

To avoid copyright concerns, you can use free websites and programs that don’t require a copyright license, such as royalty-free music. You can get free music from YouTube audio libraries for your travel videos.

What are the options available for legal music for travel videos?

There are certain options available for using music legally for your travel videos. Here is a list of some of the most popular choices.

  • Royalty-free music – A specific provider hosts this music for a price. Here, you make a one-time payment to utilize the music and receive a subscription that gives you unlimited access to the music collections.
  • Public domain music – This music was published before 1927 but no longer has a copyright. This song can be used without a license.
  • Personally created music – Any music you make is yours to use however you like.
  • Creative commons licensed music – You can use this song as long as the composer or artist is given credit.
Essential tips that you should follow to choose the right music for your travel video

Your travel video’s music must captivate your audience and give them the impression that they are there. Some of the popular music for travel videos are:

  • Paris by the Chainsmokers
  • Wake Me Up by Avicii
  • Travel by Kapitol
  • Freedom by Bamtome
  • Have Love Will Travel by the Sonics
The below-given tips will help you select the right music for your travel video.
  • Selecting the song for your journey video will be easier if you understand and define its goal.
  • It’s a good idea to use music that enhances the mood of your video.
  • Choose music for your video that fits the mood and ambiance.
  • You can use that style of music if your video emphasizes a specific area and culture.
  • The music must be a background and must not compete with the visual elements.
  • Your listeners will like the music better if it moves and sets the pace.

If you are active on social media channels, you can find free background music for videos through different service providers. Your travel videos must include music because it is the only element that links the piece together. In addition, background music can be expressive, passionate, motivating, and more.

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